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PR Nutrition Consulting

We are proud to serve our RGV by offering delicious, healthy meals that are ready to pre-heat and serve. Since 2016, Our ‘Meal PReps’ has been taking the guesswork and hard work out of healthy eating. Discover why our meals are highly sought after for people looking to improve health, lose weight, and increase athletic performance. Our owner and founder is a Registered and licensed dietitian dedicated on making healthy changes for her community. Mrs. Peggy Ramon-Rosales, MS, RD/LD, has years of experience in helping people achieve their weight and health goals through science based evidence nutrition education. What is prepared in her office is exactly how every consult is instructed by tailoring each meal prep distinctly portioned for each individual. WE have over 6 calorie/macro tiers to fit each individual. Don't know how much you are needing to meet your goals, reach out to us so our dietitian can place you in a tier to ensure your needs are MET! We offer a wide selection of meals and multiple plans that can help you reach your goals and accommodate your schedule. All of our meals are prepared by our culinary chef and staff. In addition, our chef uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure a well-balanced, healthy meal without sacrificing taste.

Peggy Ramon